Monday, October 12, 2015

No Game No Life

Photo Courtesy to the Anime "No Game No Life"
An interesting quote from the anime "No Game No Life" (Japanese name: Nōgēmu Nōraifu) episode 4 (Grandmaster). The moment when Sora & Shiro (Blank) were addressing to the people of the kingdom.

My Beloved Citizens, no, my fellow humans, we Emanity live in a world where war is forbidden and yet despite this fact we have managed to loose almost all of our lands to our neighbouring nations, save Elkia our final stronghold. So I ask you now, is it because our last king failed us? because we are lowest ranked of all the races? because we can't use magic? because we are fated to die helpless? not a chance, NO WAY. In the ancient war, the gods, the elves, the warbeasts and all the other races battled against each other and we not only fought amongst them, we lived to survive till this day. Do you ever ask yourself, how was it that this whole continent was once ruled by humans, is it because we are a race that specialised in violence, we can't use magic like the elves, We are not physically strong like the warbeast nor do we have the longevity of the frugal, so then what made us able to conquer this land, we must have been warriors, right? Nah! My brethren we were able to survive and to fight because we are weak. In every era and every place the strong sharpen their fangs while the weak sharpen their intellect. Then why are we in such danger now. It's because the ten pledges have broken the fangs of the strong and they have learned to sharpen their minds just as we had to out of necessity. Now the wisdom, the strategies of we the weak once monopolised, the power to beat all the odds, the strong have gained them all, that's what brought us to this state.

Now answer me this, what makes you bow your heads like that. Did you hear me? why do you bow your heads? You should be proud to be weak. We are the weak just as we have always been. Don't you see, nothing has changed at all. True, the stronger races may imitate our weapons, but they will never master them. Why you ask? because at the heart of our strength lies a fearful anxiety born of our most humiliating weaknesses. This fear has given us the insight to not only to escape from magic but to learn its secrets. It has given us the wisdom of experience because we must predict the future to survive. I say it once more, be proud to be weak. We are the noble weak who have throughout history torn out the throats of those fools who sit idling by and boaster their strength. I hereby declare as Elkia's 205th King and its Queen too that we will rule this kingdom together.

We hereby declare that we will live as the weak, protect our weak brethren and we will use our wisdom to make the strong bow before us. We are as we once were and as we will always be. Hear this my people, you are a part of a long legacy the wisest of the races, the one that can become anything because we came into this world with nothing. Now let's begin this game. You've suffered enough, haven't you? You have endured enough humiliation, right? It all ends now, are you ready Emanity? as of this moment my country Elkia will officially be declaring war on the rest of the world. Let's show them what we are made off. We will take back our land and everything else too.