Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Like Heaven (2005)

The story line for this movie is nice, slightly old as it was released in September 2005. The cast is not that famous but are known starring Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo and Donal Logue (Yes, the guy from "Grounded for Life"). The characters of Elizabeth Masterson is played by Reese Witherspoon, David Abbott (Mark Ruffalo), Jack Houriskey (Donal Logue) and Darryl (Jon Heder). This is a romantic comedy with a touch of fantasy. Liked some of the quotes of this 95 minute movie (1 hour and 35 minutes). The following quotes are in proper order.

David Abbott: Spirit awake, spirit partake, spirit without fear, spirit appear. Are you here? Come on, I think you're here. Okay. I've got a hot moist cup of coffee in my hand, there is no coaster on this table. I am going to set it down on this lovely Mahogany.
Elizabeth Masterson: Don't you dare!
David: Aaha! We... we need to talk.
Elizabeth: About what?
David: Has it crossed your mind that there might be something a little OFF about the way you have been spending your days?
Elizabeth: Actually Yes. It is really weird having a squatter in your living room!
David: I am not... Okay let's start over. Hi, I am David Abbott and you are.
Elizabeth: I am... [looking at the coffee cup on the table] I am Elizabeth. My name's Elizabeth.
David: You, you, you didn't know that. You, you had to read that.
Elizabeth: I think I know my own name.
David: Okay! When was the last time that you remember actually talking to someone other than me.
Elizabeth: The other day? The other day!
David: And when you are not here, what do you do with the rest of your day?
Elizabeth: Well certainly a lot more than you do. That's for sure.
David: Let's not stray from the point here, Lizzy.
Elizabeth: Don't call me Lizzy! I am not in Kindergarten. My name is Elizabeth.
David: You think? Let me ask you. Has anything DRAMATIC happened to you recently?
Elizabeth: Like what?
David: I don't know, like DYING maybe.
Elizabeth: How dare you say that to me?
David: Okay, calm down!
Elizabeth: Get your hands off of me, you pervert.
David: Calm down. I am not... I am not here to hurt you. I am... I am trying to help you to face the fact that you are...
Elizabeth: I am not dead.
David: Look around you. There should be a bright light nearby.
Elizabeth: There's no light.
David: Walk into the light, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: There is no light. I am not dead. I think I would know if I was dead. [Realising that she is standing in the center of the table] What's happening to me?
Elizabeth: Stop saying that.
David: Missed! [Putting her hand through his head] Okay, okay that's enough. That's enough. You're just giving me a headache. Get off of me. [Avoiding her hand] Okay. Alright. It's not my fault your the way you are. I just want you out of my house.
Elizabeth: YOU GET OUT!
[Elizabeth goes through the wall and falls down and now David looking through the window]
[Turning around, David surprisingly finds Elizabeth standing]
Elizabeth: I'm not leaving.

Father Flanagan: [while splashing holy water on the wood floor] The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!
Elizabeth Masterson: [to David] He can't even see me.
David Abbott: [To the priest] A little more left.
Elizabeth: You're mopping that up.
David: [To the priest]More, more.

David: That's it! You just sit there.
Darryl: Heh! You want bells and whistles or a reading.
Elizabeth: Oh come on! He can't see me either. For some hideous reason only you can.
Darryl: Okay, there is something. Definitely a presence.
Elizabeth: How original? Tell me more?
Darryl: It's hostile, wants you out of here.
Elizabeth: Actually he's [Darryl] not bad.
Darryl: You [David] should move, dude.
David: I should move?
Darryl: I would.
Elizabeth: I like him.
David: No I'm not going to move.
Darryl: Can't you feel that man. There's like this cancer causing ray of spirit hate searing right towards your body.
Elizabeth: This kid's got a gift.
David: I'm not moving.
Darryl: Why not? It's not like its that great an apartment.
Elizabeth: What?
David: Yes, it is.
Elizabeth: It's got a view.
David: and a fire place.
Darryl: Whatever dude? Yo! Do you have like a diet or anything, I am like 99.9% parched, could really use a cola.
David: Come on. [Conversation now shifts to the Kitchen] Move out. That can't be it. Could you please talk to her and tell her she should pass on.
Elizabeth: [mimicking David] Could you please talk to her.
David: I am ignoring you.
Elizabeth: I am ignoring you.
David: She won't accept that she's dead. I told her to walk to the light, she wouldn't do it.
Elizabeth: That's because there is no light. God! your infuriating.
Darryl: Wait, what's going on?
David: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.
Elizabeth: You know what, do you think I like this, do you think this is easy for me. I know something is different, something is not right, I am walking through wall here.
Darryl: Okay, You know I don't think I can help you. This is one of the most alive spirits I have ever been around. She's not going anywhere.
David: What do you mean?
Darryl: I agree with her, dude. She's not dead. [Now looking at David] But you, ohhh! You got to deal with this... seriously it's like the darkest aura I have ever seen, sucking the life right out of you. It's killing you man. You have to let her go dude.
David: How can I when she won't leave?
Darryl: Not your spirit girl. I am talking about the other one. The one you're keeping in here. That's what really haunting you, isn't it?
David: I don't want to talk about that.
Elizabeth: Oh! I get it. You were dumped, probably for some guy who doesn't have a couch fused to his ass.
David: Shut up.
Elizabeth: What, you can dish it out but you can't take it. You bring Father Flanagan and the whole joy luck club in here to get rid of me. But I just talk about you getting dumped once.
David: You don't know what the hell you are talking about. SHUT THE HELL UP.
Darryl: Sorry for your lose, bro. [Making himself heard by Elizabeth] A word to the wise girl, show some respect for the dead.

David: Awkhh! Why are you still here?
Elizabeth: Scary question! I have no idea. Why are you the only one that can see me?
David: Don't ask me?
Elizabeth: All I know is this when I am not with you, I don't exist. Oh my god, may be I am dead?
David: Oh come on now. I am sorry that I said that you are dead. May be you're not dead, may be you're just very light.
Elizabeth: If only I could remember something about who I am or was. Then I would know once and for all. I am trying to figure it out. I just can't do it by myself.
David: You're not asking me to help you. Are you?
Elizabeth: Look you have two realities to choose from. First one being that a woman has come into you life in a very unconventional way and she happens to need your assistance. The second one is that you are an insane person and you are sitting on a park bench right now talking to yourself.
David: I think I prefer the first one.
Elizabeth: Okay. Let's find out who I am.

David: Check it out.
Elizabeth: What is it?
David: New leads. Look there is an address written down here, I can't make that out. Is that a five or a six?
Elizabeth: I think it's a fi... si... si... no no no, that a five. Definitely a five. So we have address, a dry cleaning ticket and a book of matches. You know what that means?
David: We could start a very small fire.
Elizabeth: There is still hope.

David: Four Twenty Five, I think. Look familiar?
Elizabeth: Not really.
David: Hello.
Donald Willis: Can I help you?
David: Hi. This might sound a little odd, but I was wondering if you knew a certain woman, blond, about five foot one
Elizabeth: two
David: two
Elizabeth: and a half
David: and a half
Donald: Oh my god, who are you?
David: I don't know you.
Donald: Did my wife hire you?
David: I am sorry, what???
Donald: I knew she would find out. Whatever she is paying you, I will double it. Anything you want.
David: I am not looking for money, sir.
[Donald's wife calling from the inside of the house]
Wife: Donald. Who is it?
Donald: That's her, come back tonight around six, I will have a cheque waiting.
[Donald closes the door, now moving towards the vehicle]
David: Wow! Hmph!
Elizabeth: What? Oh you don't think that I actually had sex with that old horn-dog.
David: Kind of looks that way, Lizzie.
Elizabeth: It's Elizabeth and that's disgusting.
David: Well, look on the bright side. At 6 o'clock I am coming into some money.
[David opening the passenger door of the vehicle for Elizabeth to get in]
Elizabeth: Thank you!
David: Your welcome!
Elizabeth: Oh my god! May be I was a slut. A lonely home wrecking slut.

[Standing outside the restaurant]
Elizabeth: David, this is it.
David: You recognise it, good.
[After entering the restaurant]
Elizabeth: This is Mousses, I loved this restaurant.
David: You ate here a lot.
Elizabeth: No!
David: No?
Elizabeth: I never did. I remember looking in that window and wishing I could eat in here.
David: What, were you a homeless street urchin? Why didn't you?
Elizabeth: I wanted to, I just never got around to it. May be the dry cleaner guy was right about me?
Maitre D': Hello, can I help you?
David: Ah! no, no, Thank you, may be some other time.
[Kenny hits into a waiter and falls on the floor]
Maitre D': Ivan call 911. We need an ambulance. Is he breathing?
Kenny's friend: I can't tell.
Waitress: May be we should do mouth to mouth.
Maitre D': Oh god, we need a doctor. We really have to find a doctor. Is there a doctor here, anyone?
Elizabeth: Feel his chest.
David: What?
Elizabeth: His chest? Check and see if its blotted.
David: How will I know?
Elizabeth: Just do it.
David: [Talking to the crowd] Excuse me, Pardon me, I need to feel his chest.
Elizabeth: Can you feel his ribs?
David: No, but I can if I press down.
Maitre D': What are you doing?
Elizabeth: Does he feel blotted?
David: I think so.
Maitre D': Think what?
Elizabeth: Tell them that you need a sharp parry knife and a bottle of vodka.
David: I am going to need a sharp parry knife and a bottle of vodka.
Maitre D': Ivan!
Ivan: Yeah! I got that.
Maitre D': Whats wrong with him?
Elizabeth: It's a tension pneumothorax
David: I think it's a tension nemothax, sir.
Elizabeth: Pneumothorax.
David: Nuemathax, sir!
Elizabeth: Pneumothorax!
David: Numathurman.
Elizabeth: Never mind!
David: Never mind!
Maitre D': But what is it?
Elizabeth: The air is escaping out of his lungs into his chest.
David: The air is escaping out of his lungs into his chest.
Elizabeth: Open his shirt.
David: Open his shirt.
Elizabeth: No you do it.
David: I will do it.
Elizabeth: There is a valve at the opening of the lungs. If it doesn't close, then it constricts the lungs and compresses the rest of the organs. Now, I want you to feel for his ribs again, a little bit lower. The spot between two ribs, do you feel that.
David: Aaha!
Elizabeth: Okay, splash some vodka on it. Alright. Get the knife.
David: Can I ask everyone just to stand back a lit bit here, just little bit further please, lit bit, little bit further. Thank you. Now what am I doing with a knife?
Elizabeth: You're going to make an incision.
David: You know what, NO.
Elizabeth: David, this man's life is at stake.
David: I... I can't stab a man.
Elizabeth: Okay, there's nothing to be afraid off. You're just going to make a small hole for the air to escape. Just put the knife on that spot.
David: Oh my god! How do you know this?
Elizabeth: I don't know, I just do, Now do it. Put the knife there and you're going to push harder than that, a little bit harder.
David: Oh god.
Elizabeth: Okay, Okay, good, that's enough. And now take the pore out of the vodka bottle.
David: What?
Elizabeth: Alright, you're doing good. Now...
David: Hold on. [Drinking the vodka from the bottle] Go!
Elizabeth: Put the pore in the hole that you made.
David: What?
Elizabeth: It's going to keep the wound open so the air can escape. Just do it.
David: I can't.
Elizabeth: Do it. [Kenny starts breathing with the air passing through the pore] He's breathing.
David: He's breathing. He's breathing.
Elizabeth: I'm a doctor.
David: I'm a doctor.
Maitre D': I know. Thank god. The ambulance will be here right away.
Elizabeth: Ask him where the nearest hospital is.
David: Do you know where the nearest hospital is?
Maitre D': Just a few blocks from here, St. Mathew's.
Elizabeth: St. Mathew's. [Leaving the restaurant] I may have been a lonely home wrecking whore but I saved lives. David, I worked in that hospital. I know it, it sounds so familiar.
David: I have never saved a life before.
Elizabeth: It's the best. One minute you looking at this monitor and it says game over and then you bring it back. Its... Its like a little blip and its there.
David: What... What's that?
Elizabeth: Oh, that just a little blood.
David: Aaah! [Fainting]

Elizabeth: Oh no, its Fran. She's my mentor. They wouldn't send us up here if it wasn't bad.
Fran: Mr. Abbott.
David: Hi, yes.
Fran: Fran well.
David: Nice to meet you.
Fran: You have been enquiring about Elizabeth Masterson.
David: Ah yaa, that's right. Could you tell me what happened to her?
Fran: Well, first I need to know about your relationship with her?
Elizabeth: Tell her, you're my boyfriend. She can't tell you anything unless we are intimately connected.
David: We were romantic with each other.
Fran: What do you mean?
David: You know boyfriend - girlfriend.
Fran: I know what romantic means but I... I have a hard time believing that.
Elizabeth: What?
David: What?
Elizabeth: Why?
David: Why?
Fran: Elizabeth's whole life was this hospital.
Elizabeth: Was, did she say 'was'.
Fran: I don't know if she was on a single date that she had ever been on.
David: Well. We were fairly recent. I live in her apartment.
Elizabeth: David.
David: Building.
Fran: So you don't know about the accident?
David: Accident?
Elizabeth: Oh god David, I remember it, it was awful.
David: I was... I have been away.
Fran: It was three months ago.
David: three months... I am sorry. I was away for a while on business.

David: Darryl!
Darryl: Dude! Wow, wow, wow, the spirits with you, isn't it? You can bring that thing in here, what your thinking, bro?
David: Listen man, you were right about her. She's alive.
Darryl: Righteous.
David: But she's in a coma and her family is going to take her off life support.
Darryl: Not so righteous. So what, are you guys socialising now?
David: We've acclimated.
Darryl: Yaa. I can tell. In fact, I am sensed some intense feeling she has for you, bro.
David: Really?
Elizabeth: No I don't.
Darryl: Oow! Major Red aura, somebody's embarrassed.
Elizabeth: I am not. Can we focus here?
David: Okay.
Elizabeth: Ask him, is there a spell
David: or a chant
Elizabeth: electric shock
David: anything to
Elizabeth: get her spirit
David: back into her body
Darryl: Wow, you totally asking the wrong questions, man.
David: Why is that wrong?
Darryl: Look, I have a gift. I didn't ask for it but I do. I can sense these things, spirits, whatever you want to call. Why they hang around here in the first place, that's their unfinished business?
David: So do I have the gift?
Darryl: Dude, please, you definitely not have it. You're a civilian.
David: But if I don't have it, how is that I can see her and talk to her when no one else can?
Darryl: Exactly.
David: Exactly what?
Darryl: That's the right question.

Elizabeth: It's just funny because the one time when I completely failed at something, I had more fun than I had ever in my life.
David: You look happy.
Elizabeth: I was happy. But what was I doing with the rest of my time. When I think about my life and I.. all I can remember is working. You know, working and working and trying so hard and for what?
David: You help people, you save lives.
Elizabeth: Yaa, including my own. I saved my life for later. I just... I never thought there wouldn't be a later.
David: No, don't say that. There's still time, okay. We are going to see this lady. This...
Elizabeth: You know, I just don't want to spend my last night crying or fighting my fate. I want to do something with you.
David: Okay. Okay, great. What do you want to do? You want to fly to Paris, see the Eiffel tower. No problem. You want to dance on a beach in Bali. Let's go, let's do it, anywhere, anywhere in the world. We will take Mastercard or Visa, anywhere.
Elizabeth: There is something that I would like to do.
David: Anything.
Elizabeth: I am so bad at this.
David: What, what is it?
[David and Elizabeth are lying in bed facing each other]
David: You nervous.
Elizabeth: A little.
David: Why?
Elizabeth: I don't know.
David: How can you be nervous when I can't even touch you?
Elizabeth: I think I am more nervous because you can touch me.
David: Why?
Elizabeth: You know, in the hospital when you touched my hand. I felt it, I am.. my spirit felt it. I don't know how but I think if you really could touched me, I might wake up from all of this.
[Touching each others palm]
David: I can almost feel that.
Elizabeth: Me too. I think I know what my unfinished business is.
David: What?
Elizabeth: You.

Jack Houriskey: Even if she was real. do you know what you are risking for this woman?
David: Yes.
Jack: Why?
David: Because I love her, I love her.[Looking at Elizabeth] I do, I love you.
Elizabeth: No one's ever said that to me before.

Elizabeth: David?
David: What?
Elizabeth: Tell him thank you.
David: We're really grateful, Jack.
Jack: I'm not doing it for you.
David: Then why are you doing it?
Jack: Because someday, trust me, I'm gonna need help moving a body. When that day comes, I don't want hear any shit from you.

Jack: [in the process of stealing Elizabeth's body, sees that David has just punched out Brett] Oh god David, the felonies just keep piling up!