Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Bought a Zoo (2011)

This movie was really interesting as the movie stars Matt Damon (Benjamin Mee), Scarlett Johansson (Kelly Foster), Thomas Haden Church (Duncan Mee), Colin Ford (Dylan Mee), Maggie Elizabeth Jones (Rosie Mee), Angus Macfadyen (Peter MacCready), Elle Fanning (Lily Miska) and many others. For a full list of cast click here to go to IMDB site

(Opening – Narration)
Son: My Dad is a writer who specialized in adventure.

Benjamin: This is Benjamin Mee. I am surrounded by hundreds probably thousands of killer bees. If I wasn't wearing this suit I would be dead in an instant.

Son: He interviewed dangerous dictators.
Son: He even flew into the center of the hurricane Charlie. It was a category four storm.
Son: He knew the in's and out's of strange and exotic adventure, backwards and forwards. But nothing prepared him for this one.

Rosie: Where is our lunches'?
Benjamin: What is on your feet?
Rosie: Reindeer Slippers!

Benjamin: I am the one who gets the emails about your lack of effort, man. Okay? You either know where the book is or you don't.
Son: Dad, its whatever. Look, I will know it when I get to school
Benjamin: You know what, whatever is the laziest word of the twentieth century, alright. I have had it with whatever; I don't want to hear it again in this century ever again. Whatever is over.
Rosie: He says it all the time. He won't have anything left to say in this century.
Benjamin: I am not letting you out of the car until I get a new word. You know you got to focus man, if you focused as much on your homework as you do on your artwork, you would have it all. But as it is…
Son: Dad, I finished the seventh hour.
Benjamin: You're going to get an F.
Son: Pernicious
Benjamin: Thank you. Good word
Son: Dad, nobody is going to give an F to a kid whose mother died six months ago.
Rosie: What does Perni… Per… Pernicious mean?
Benjamin: It's, causing insidious harm or ruin, causing damage.

Shea Seger (Lasagna Mom): Benjamin, I… I thought maybe.
(while sending off his kids at the entrance of the school)
Shea: I thought maybe, its Lasagna, dinner for three
Benjamin: Great. Thank you.
Shea: Or four.
Benjamin: You know my brother is actually coming for dinner tonight. So that's perfect. I will get the dish back to you within a week's time.
Shea: In time. In time.
Benjamin: In time then. Thank you.

Duncan Mee: Benjamin I have arrived at a thought.
Benjamin: Tell me Dunc.
Duncan: I believe you should court the girl we met at Jambei juice.
Benjamin: Ahhh.
Duncan: She's a stunner.
Benjamin: She keeps calling me to go hiking.
Duncan: Benjamin, Hike her.

Benjamin: Is she a stunner? I mean is that what they call a stunner now. What do I know; I was spoiled; I had the real thing.

Benjamin: Always Lasagna.
Rosie: Dad, someday you're gonna have to eat that Lasagna.
Benjamin: Honey!
Rosie: …or throw it away.
Benjamin: Hey, why didn't you go to Sadie's play date
Rosie: No reason, lots to do here.
Benjamin: Hey Rosie. Am I doing anything right?
Rosie: You're handsomer than the other dads. Lots of them don't have hair. So that’s good.
Benjamin: Awesome, I am going to take baldness off my list of things to worry about.
Rosie: Good.

Rosie: Daddy, I can't sleep. The neighbor's again. (The cheering of the neighbors) Their Happy is too loud.

Mr. Stevens: It's a new day for you Mr. Mee. We have a full day of house hunting planned and I think you will be very excited I was a help.
Benjamin: We just want new, we want new… new everything, new opportunities, new school, just new.
Mr. Stevens: In the current economic environment, you gonna find that now the buyer is not the king.
Benjamin: What I am hoping for is like a big backyard, substantial, just rolling hills.
Mr. Stevens: It going to be very hard to find rolling hills in the city.
Benjamin: Right…well…
Mr. Stevens: It's not available.
Benjamin: These stationary hills. (talking to Rosie)The hills don't have to roll right honey (Rosie nods a yes) . (talking to Mr. Stevens) just new.
Mr. Stevens: You know what, it about new. People love new. I love new. Hell I am new. Excuse my language. but I am new, hell I am new.
Benjamin: I am glad you are excited about it.
Mr. Stevens: You know, I am excited about new stuff. New is the new 'O', new new new new.

Rosie: I like you.
Mr. Stevens: I like you too, Rosie.
Rosie: I wish Dylan had come with us. This is fun.
Mr. Stevens: Ahhh… I wish Dylan were here too. The more the merrier. That what I always say, right?
Rosie: Our mommy died.
Mr. Stevens: Oh. Wow. (awkwardly…) Our condolences go out to you and your family, Mr. Mee. Oh. wow.
Benjamin: Sweetheart, Mr. Stevens is a stranger honey. He didn't know mommy.
Rosie: I know, but he should have.
Mr. Stevens: Oh oh oh oh oh. Just knowing you Rosie right now, I…I…  I love your mom, I love her. You know what I picture; I picture your face on a… a grown lady.
Benjamin: How long you have been doing this job?
Mr. Stevens: First day. This is my first day.
Benjamin: Really…
Mr. Stevens: Yeah. First day. So our adventure begins.

Benjamin: Listen, what will we do with 18 acres.
Mr. Stevens: Let me be honest with you. Rosemoor property has some challenges
Benjamin: Wha… what doesn't?
Mr. Stevens: True, but this situation, I want to offer the word Unique.
Benjamin: Wait a second, is that it?
Mr. Stevens: Yes… and a…
Benjamin: Rosie, look.

Benjamin: You don't have to take a picture, Rosie.
Rosie: Why not?
Benjamin: We are going to live here.
Mr. Stevens: Oh Mr. Mee, we have to talk, okay. Let's not rush into things. It's not, Oh wow wow wow wow wow. Mr. Mee, right now I think we are jumping the gun
Benjamin: This is exactly what we have been looking for.
Mr. Stevens: Ah… Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's, just take it all in, first. Don't take a gift that not given to you yet now? Alright?
Benjamin: This place is perfect. Why didn't you mention it earlier?
Mr. Stevens: It's a bit complicated.
Benjamin: Complicated is okay, complicated can be great. We love complicated. Right. What so complicated about this place?
Mr. Stevens: Well. You see…It's a… it's a…
Benjamin: What is it?
Mr. Stevens: It has complication to it Mr. Mee. And (On hearing the Lion's roar) It's a zoo.
Benjamin: A zoo…
Mr. Stevens: It's a zoo.
Rosie: Yaaay...
Mr. Stevens: Yaaay…

Mr. Stevens: It was a fully… (Lion roaring) woooh, ha ha, okay
Benjamin: Man!!! Totally scary (looking at Rosie).
Mr. Stevens:  This was a fully functioning zoo until two years ago then it was shut down. The state's been maintaining it for now just to keep it up, keep it going. You know.

Benjamin: Could I buy the property and then just relocate the animals?
Mr. Stevens: Well actually, the State is selling the property with the stipulation that whoever comes on board and buys the property is going to care and maintain these endangered animals.
Benjamin: Oh come on…
Mr. Stevens: …and then there is the remaining staff on board and … you know. If no one buys this property soon, these animals will probably, have to be… Uh… (Mr Stevens and Benjamin look at Rosie)
Benjamin: Well, thanks. I mean I don't know anything about animals, zoos. I mean, it's...
Mr. Stevens: It is.
Benjamin: It is what it is.
Mr. Stevens: It is what it is. Sometimes you don't know what it is until you see what it is. You know? Once you see what it is, then you can figure out... is... it is what it is. You understand?
Benjamin: No, but we can move on.

Mr. Stevens: Yeah.

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